Digital Marketing can be one of the most effective means of marketing because it is measurable. When your marketing is digital, it becomes possible to track customers back to where they came from and determine how much each of those customers cost to acquire.

Digital Marketing is also a broad subject with many possible issues to consider and even more solutions to overcome those issues. It is important to know there is no one size fits all, or even one size fits most (or even many) solution available to market a business online.

A car dealership in a northern climate will tout the advantages of their four wheel drive vehicles during the winter months. Just a few hundred miles south, where there is no snow, a dealership with the same vehicles may make more sales by putting emphasis on those vehicles cargo capacity and utility.

Your business, customer demographic, and geography all play a huge role in creating an effective marketing strategy. On the internet, where your business has a potential audience of millions, these factors and an effective strategy around them becomes even more important. It would be ineffective to get thousands of young men to your website if your product(s) primarily cater to women with children, or the elderly. While this may seem obvious, the sheer number of individuals online can make reaching your core customer demographic quite challenging.

At The Dreamery we start the digital marketing process by talking to you about your business, your customers, and your goals. We may be experts at digital marketing and strategy, but you are the expert on your business. Only by combining our knowledge can we build a strategy that will be successful. Once we learn your business we take the reigns and handle all the details.

Your successful digital marketing campaign will likely include many different strategies that combine into a system where each part works together. Some of these strategies may center around social networking and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Other strategies would likely include search engine optimized content for your website and e-mail campaigns. Depending on your goals the campaign may also include paid digital advertising, such as “boosted” Facebook posts, Google AdWords, or remarketing ads which follow visitors around to other websites.

The Dreamery will turn the knowledge you have about your business into a successful digital marketing strategy. Ask us how easy it is to get started.