Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of structuring the content, all the words and other data, making up your website into a form search engines like Google will be attracted to. Successful SEO means those search engines well show links to your website when people search for things your site presents in that content.

In order to be successful, a great number of things have to go right. The most important factor in a site that performs, or ranks, well in SEO is content. You may have heard the adage “content is king”, it definitely applies here. To rank well the content must be well structured, detailed, succinct without being terse, interesting, and engaging. If this sounds like a difficult balance to achieve you would be right, and that balance must be found while also accounting for many technical factors.

While search engines may be smart, they cannot fully comprehend subtle nuances of language, naming, and phrasing we humans take for granted. Great search engine optimized content will accommodate for this by using those language constructs, names, and phrases most commonly used by the target audience of the website.

Many specialty search engine marketing firms are capable of writing great, technically correct content that will still fail to deliver results. There is one final factor more important than all of the above when it comes to your website producing a great return on your investment. Here’s the secret: your¬†website must be authoritative for and demonstrate expertise in your particular field. It must be sufficiently interesting or engaging to be shared by others on social media, or other websites where it is referenced as an authority.

When your site achieves this status as an authority, search engines take notice and show your website near the top of many relevant searches. This results in a lot of ongoing, qualified traffic to your website.

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