Learning how to do SEO yourself

Learning to write Search Engine Optimized content that performs very well and brings in a lot of engaged visitors can be a struggle even for experienced authors.

Fortunately, when it comes to search engines, the results are becoming more and more local all the time. This means your small local business gets a bit of preference in search results against large nationwide and even multinational competitors.

If you know your customer base well and can empathise with them, putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, as you write the content for your website, you can be very successful. Imagine what terms and phrases potential customers might use to look for a business like yours. Use those terms and phrases throughout the pages of your site. Don’t just sprinkle them in, they need to be holistically incorporated into your content.

Making sure you use the keywords and phrases your customers are searching for is the easy part. The hard part is writing pages of content that are informative, interesting, and engaging for your customers. If your content presents trustworthy information your customers can use as a reference, you are probably doing things right! You will know for sure when others start linking to your website and referencing it as an authority for the subject matter you have written about.

You can do SEO yourself and be successful! If you would prefer to take the guesswork out of the process contact us about our search engine optimization services. We are also happy to meet you halfway by auditing content you have written!